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2011-01-23 |
0.45 acre of land has been purchased beside Kolatoli beach in Cox’s Bazar for Hotel, Resort & Studio Apartment as part of NRB project

About Us
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We are a group of Non-Resident-Bangladeshi (NRB) entrepreneurs. Most of us have achieved their education I and got the privilege of working abroad in teams composed of people of a wide variety of nations. We have proved our superiority in our respective fields and have grown the confidence of contributing in the development of our motherland. We believe, we can play a vital role of entrepreneurship with the experience and expertise we have achieved over the years in abroad.

Vision of NRB Investment Ltd.

Expatriate Bangladeshis are scattered across the world in search of changing their future. They are playing a significant role in the economy of our motherland. They are the unsung heroes of Bangladesh. Yet, they face numerous problems in the country of their residence and back home again when they are deported in Bangladesh. They don�t get any tangible scope of investing their hard-earned money which can safeguard their future. There is no opportunity, to speak of , for the survival of the NRB when they come back home. . So, most of them have to lead a dilapidated life at the peg end of their career.
To ensure better future of our NRBs along with all-out development of our motherland, we have formed a consortium with the fund from a few young NRB entrepreneurs. We want to go on with the effort of enriching our investment and involve more NRB in our consortium to achieve win-win for all the individuals involved with it .

Mission of NRB Investment Ltd.

We want to invest in diverse fields such as ICT, banking, Insurance, power plant, tourism, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, departmental store , transport, aviation etc. to develop the infrastructure of Bangladesh. NRBs will be the pioneer of the investment and they will be the prime beneficiary of our endeavor. We encourage the expatriate Bangladeshis from all corner of the world to join our endeavor and help the dream of �Developed Bangladesh� come true. We want to build up a Bangladeshi fraternity with a view to transforming our motherland into a developed country from the existing �developing� status. We will have the motto of promoting our own products and consuming it in the possible way for the sake of ourselves and our nation. It will serve the interest of the investors primarily. As a whole our nation will be served with creation of job opportunities, reducing our dependency on import., creating a brand of our own and so on.