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Expatriate Bangladeshis are scattered across the world in search of changing their future.

Last but not least, banking sector also has very potential in Bangladesh. In fact, Bangladesh government is actively considering establishment of a Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) Bank to create safe opportunity for the expatriates to invest their hard-earned money. Currently, the vast majority of the people do not have access to banking services even though all the financial sector of Bangladesh is dominated by banks.

At present the banking system asset base is USD 30 billion, roughly 42% of the country�s GDP. There are 48 banks in Bangladesh. Despite their late entry, private commercial banks (PCBs) have the largest and fastest growing market share. Government owned banks are losing their market share while foreign commercial banks� (FCBs) share is almost static. Besides, fuelled by high trade and remittance growth, the commercial banking sector is expected to maintain its rapid growth rate. As a result, we believe the hard-earned money of expatriate Bangladeshis will be a good investment in the proposed NRB Bank rather than spending the money in unproductive sectors like constructing big houses in their villages.