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Expatriate Bangladeshis are scattered across the world in search of changing their future.

About BDLIVE24.COM is a concern of NRB Investment Limited. is a new-generation news portal of Bangladesh, collecting, editing, and disseminating latest news from around the globe in both Bangla and English on 24x7basis. Besides news, the portal gives its audience views, features, articles, analysis, and tidbits from the world of politics, economy, science, technology, entertainment, glamour, sports etc. As an online portal, offers a better-value advertising opportunity than many other portals in Bangladesh. Furthermore, has the fastest growing community of Bangladeshi online users with upscale demographics.

The Bdlive24 Team is a team of experienced and dedicated media workers whose mission is to bring you the latest news from any part of the world within the shortest time. We have our reporters and representatives stationed in different parts of the country as well as in different corners of the world. As a result, we can fetch you the latest news with authenticity and reliability very quickly. So, is your shortest route for any news in any category on any part of the world,

The presence of Bdlive24

The world is changing every moment. Numerous events are taking place in every part of the world every day. Bangladesh is no different. Also, the life of a modern man is immensely influenced and affected by the events of the world. So, people are always seeking the latest news. exists to serve today’s global citizens with real-time news coverage and analysis; it also lets people interact over the Web thus making a virtual community interacting with each other for mutual interest and benefit. Online audiences of are not only passive recipients of news and views; with the opportunity of interacting with the portal and its users, they become active content providers for the site. So, the portal also works as a social and citizen media.