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Expatriate Bangladeshis are scattered across the world in search of changing their future.

The recent revolution in information technology has opened up a new area for private investment in the telecommunication sector. ICT industry in Bangladesh is relatively new in comparison to other business sectors. However, the unlimited potential of the ICT sector has commended inquisitive interests within us from all concerned. The impact of global hype of the ICT sector is clearly visible in Bangladesh as well. In the recent years, the local ICT sector has grown enviably.

With over 3,000 local enterprises operating in hardware, software and ISP segments, the size of Bangladesh ICT industry at present stands at USD 160 million. Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) is developing communication facilities with modern technology, Communications with the outside world are also being developed. Private sector operations in the rural telecommunications, paging, cellular telephones and reverine radio trucking have already been allowed. BTTB has already started providing VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals) facilities to the private sector.

The core strengths of Bangladesh ICT sector is the people. An educated, trainable and young workforce working in this sector possesses the required skill sets to compete in the global scenario.

The specific success factors that NRB investment group could leverage when entering the Bangladesh ICT industry are:

  • Business vision: Most of the IT companies in Bangladesh severely lack the broader business vision. The usual trend was/is to start up an IT company, then look for opportunities and expect a fast profit. The IT sector does not enjoy the proper business planning as does the other sectors in the country. This is where the NRB investment group can bring new knowledge. The management and business professionalism of the NRB investment group is expected to encourage the potential/existing investors from Bangladesh to venture into IT. The NRB investment group could make the investors understand that a long-term view is required and help them see the world of opportunities.
  • Cultural bridge: Knowledge of the outsourcing country�s culture could be of great help. Especially, the trade and investment routines of the particular country would provide direction for the strategic partnering companies to serve the specific market.
  • Business linkage: NRB investment group could use their worldwide networks to secure outsourcing projects and utilize the competencies of the Bangladesh ICT to deliver.
  • The existing presence of a good record of Board�s of director�s IT projects: Some of directors of NRB investment group have already made some progress in entering the Bangladesh ICT industry. The experiences of these projects would be helpful for planning new business projects in this sector.